Friday, December 30, 2005

Black or White and the shadow of Gray

Yes or No and the space of Maybe... Thought of this last week; I had a thought and can't quite find it now. It was lingering to a point that I created this post to remember it, but obviously that didnt work. Anyway, will attempt to resurrect any thoughts I can about it now.

Could there be a define answer to any question. Is there a Yes or No to any question. Did you every get in a situation that an absolute answer couldn't fit well, instead you had to refer to an answer in between?

To answer myself, definitely there has been many occasions. Is it the question that defines the answer or the question maker? Some can ask for either a yes or no answer, but what is the true reason for such a 50/50 question? Could it be predetermination to manipulate with the consequences of the answer, which every it was?

How often does Maybe fit in? Is it a way to avoid an absolute answer or just a technique used to avoid elaboration to an answer that doesn't want to be mentioned.

What defines the Gray area between the White and Black? Would it be the darkness or the light that doesnt fall on the reply.

A point, not everything could have an absolute answer. Not everyone can provide one. It could not be expected if we lacked knowledge, but it would be if we did.

What could fall under absolute? Faith?? I believe so... but again that will depend on how strong it is. Then how to measure it?? It might be not measureable. Or we do not obtain the knowledge enough to be aware of how it could be done. So in the end Maybe, we will someday...

Possibilities and Opportunities...

About almost every possibility is an opportunity. And every opportunity is a possibility. The typical for example: 1 + 2 = 3 or 2 + 1 = 3...

What is the catch? Perhaps it is back to the will to take a chance. Have a firm grip on the opportunity in hand; not let go of a successful possibility if the opportunity is well used.

Each day has 24 hours; if we set each hour as a milestone then it can be translated to 24 Opportunities. Each would have an unknown amount of possibilities. Possibilities to do what?

Possibilities to accomplish a task, advance or understand it. How often do we regret letting go of an opportunity, how often do we feel bad for not even checking the possibilities?

Might not even be regret; it wasn't in our hands to be lost. Perhaps we didnt even reach out to it. which is the true regret; the result from failure or from missing out an opportunity?

I believe the latter carries more weight.

What am I trying to say? Perhaps that we take lightly the Opportunities that crosses us everyday and with time possibilities keep decreasing. But again, everyday has a new set of Opportunities and possibilities.

So now what? To give it a little deeper thought. I believe that each opportunity is unique and that also each possibility is unique cause each can shape your path of life based on the choices you make.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Blog Personality...

Your Blogging Type is Pensive and Philosophical

You blog like no one else is reading...
You tend to use your blog to explore ideas - often in long winded prose.
Easy going and flexible, you tend to befriend other bloggers easily.
But if they disagree with once too much, you'll pull them from your blogroll!
Right, so that is what they think after asking 4 questions. Not bad, but definitely can't be very accurate because of that.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Time takes time...

Back again to the time idea, it's just another thought more like the initial thought, but it derived me into another one last time. The thought is: "time takes time"... We have many examples that surround us to assist in understanding this concept. Such as the miracle of pregnancy. Normally, it would take 9 months for a baby to be born. It's not just a number, its as simple as that is the required amount of time for the baby to totally develop and be prepared for the external world.

Time takes time... when we cook, it takes time to prepare the ingrediants, cut them, clean them and then start cooking them for a known amount of time, until it is ready to be served.

There could be many reasons of why, different things take different amount of time to be ready or done. But the main idea that I can conclude out of this is to appreciate these different things. To get the time to understand and grasp their importance or value in our lifes. If it took a baby only 3 months to see the light, would be appreciate this miracle less? Perhaps. If we can run in the speed of sound or fly, would we appreciate the inventions of cars and planes less? Perhaps.

Another thought is patience, with time we learn patience. And with patience we gain control of our surroundings, cause we can see them more clearily rather then always rushing into anything and everything.

The Stand After Each Fall

Through out our life, we come across many paths that we struggle to pass. We try to learn from each of those. Try to gain experience, weither conciously or unconciously. Sometimes we fall; at such times different people have different reactions on how to deal with such situations. Some fall in a pond of misery, some get determined to revenge back and some try to understand what happened and how to not let it happen again. Am sure there are other types of people, but that short list could suffice for now.

The concept am thinking of here is the "Stand after the fall", one of the main reaons that can assist us to stand each time is our very own "Survival Instinct". Despite of the other different reasons; such as will power, determination...etc.

To survive, we fight. Mentally, physically and even emotionally. We might fight with ourselves, other people and also perhaps with an imaginary enemy. We stand after each fall; to take another step forward, but it could also be backwards. Thats' determined by how we precieved our fall and to what extend we let it disturb our instinct.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Dimension of Time

We have the preception of time. How far do we understand it? How many tried to decode it. Is it really as simple as it is; in the sense time is time. 1 moment at a time. Or is there a more complex concept about it.

Can time be rewinded or forwarded? Is it a dimension that can be manipulated? Did Einstein hit a spot with his time theories or they are merely an illusion?

I have no idea. Nor have a fixed opinion about it. Though I really do find time being another dimension quite an intriguing fact. If we can make an object and decide its' length, width and height then logically we can control in a way the time factor that is related to it.

Perhaps we already do. A tuna can, all 4 dimensions are set for it. And it has an expiry date. Well the tuna inside of it does, so this wouldnt be the right example.

But again is time really a dimension? ....

Friday, September 02, 2005

Allured 1st Created TaG

1- I started blogging in: 19th August 2005

2- My blog is: A personal web space.

3- I blog because: It could get interesting.

4- I would like to change in my blog: More like add something more to it, still not settled on what exactly.

5- I would like to add to my blog: Thats the part which am not sure about yet.

6- Blogs that are saved in my faviourte list: More then one...

7- Blogs that I often comment in: I still comment randomly.

8- When I get a comment in my blog I: Think...

9- The only thing to discourage me from commenting in other blogs is: If my comment was senseless or repeating another.

10- Blogs that have links to my blog are: As far as I know only Nabhan does.

11- Blogs that I have links to: None yet.

12- I think the only thing that will stop me from blogging would be: Anything.

13- My blog is the 1st thing I check when I go online: No

14- I am addicted to blogging: No

15- I allow anonymous comments: No

16- My blog gives a clear idea of who I am: No

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Thoughts To Understand

A natural trend, which instinctly can take over out thoughts and make them go in a specific direction. We read. What do we read, we read what is in our thoughts in the way we look at it. Our own prospective of what we read, instead of the what the writer intended.

Is that wrong? I wouldnt say it is. Each has his/her own prospective of view and way of expressing their understanding of others thoughts.

Is it the writers' fault? The writer could take some blame for it, but not entirely. Thats why there is a difference between excellent writers and good writers. The difference of clarity in their choice of words.

Sometimes I would be reading something, then I would relate it to my own knowledge and experience. And if I had to comment about it. I would comment based on my own view, despite the direction the writer has intended. Other times, I would detach myself from my own knowledge or experiences and embrace the writers own. An attempt to understand the words, the meanings behind them.

When and how to distinguish the difference.. Is a question always gets determined with time...

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Will Of Choice

Everyday something and anything crosses our path. At a certain moment, we''ll have to make a choice. Typically there will be two choices. The easy choice and the hard choice. I always believed that only the hard choice required a will to choose it. While the easy choice doesnt even require any effort or second thoughts.

With time my prospective started to change, which ever choice we make it is a choice we make with our will. There is no doubt about it. The only difference is our mind set at the moment and why we choose something over the other.

Sometimes forcing ourselves to take the hard choice can have a firing back effect. Though typically it would be the right choice. So I'd think that technically, the will of choice is determined by the goals you are aiming for, how far they go. What lies beyond them and also the side effects that can be caused from making that choice. And cant forget any sort of external pressure, assumptions or predictions that can alter an indivisuals personal thought...

Friday, August 19, 2005

The Actual Beginning...

What is it to Blog? Read from many different blogs, when they question themselves on why they blog. Or when they reach a dead end. And consider quiting the whole blogging habit of theirs. When blogs started to get popular for some reason, I refined from joining the ride. Had to see what it's about before hand.

I have a rough idea of what am expecting from this and what to bring out in it. Will be adding a corner (another blog) that can keep track of my writings (Stories, -so called- poems). And in this blog, will just share out some random thoughts or even specific ones, which will be determined by many different factors of thought.

3... 2... 1...

Saturday, July 23, 2005

its that simple!

So its straight forward, yes if i wanted comments from others. and No if i didnt... wonder why i thought it had a more complex idea behind it...

title dont forget the titleee

Ok that was with Allow comment YES... lets seee now with NO...

A title of nothing ness

Played around more with the settings here... and still not clear with the "Allow new comments on this post" part which is here at the "posting" >> "create"... hmm, guess posting 2 posts 1 with it "yes" and another with it "no" would make it clear...
Different sites.. offer blogging services... which one which one is better.. seems Blogger is the most famous or used by those who I know as bloggers. What made it the best there is? Is it cause everyone has it and it just been passed on? Tried out so far 2 other blog sites. And they seem quite as good. Though there are differences here and there. Still didnt make up my mind which one I'd like to continue with. That will take time... and time I have. Why rush? This is one of the things I dont need to rush at. That's quite an appealing idea already...

Sunday, June 19, 2005