Saturday, October 07, 2006

What is a Dream?

Is it the passionate desire we have towards a goal we want to reach? Or is it an object of desire we run towards even though we know that we are far from touching it, perhaps it could be both.

What makes our choice of dreams though? Is it our childhood? Back in the days, where we were amused by the thoughts towards a great achievement. Or was it in the teenage years, when life starts to shape up and we begin to realize where our head and feet go?

Dream, a powerful word if utilized right. But how to utilize it right? Is it something we learn from a manual? From others? Or just something we grow to learn and there is never an ending to it.

Lots of people give up, forget, drop or dismiss their dreams with time. So what is the real motive behind keeping it going? It's definitely different from one dream to another. But eventually it falls into one reason. Would that reason be hope? Or could it be determination? The latter sounds more logical.

Dreams... a word that I value ... a word that affects me ... does everyone have a word that affects them... I wonder... but that is another question...

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Good and Bad

I found this quite interesting, saw it at Tia's Blog and thought of create my own and see how it turns out. It is about the different positive and negative descriptions that can suit me per each indivisual. And as it grows it will show what is commonly known, what I think alone and what other think and I dont know and finally what none knows.

- Negatives: Nohari

- Positives: Johari

How this ends up should be interesting, basically you can choose 6 descriptions max that is all there is.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Do I know you?

I consider it a challenge to remember someones' name these days, we come across lots of people, each mention their first and last name with enthusiasm. I only mention mine if they asked or gave the "and you are?" expression. But trouble falls when they say suprised: "Don't you remember me?". At that point I would say something like: "I don't really remember names, but I usually remember the faces." Then I ask that person questions to link the face to the historical phase of which he/she has been connected with in my life. Eventually I do remember the person. But of course in most cases I wouldnt remember much details of who that person really is.

Almost a month back Something weird though could be logically understood in a way happened to me.

-This is a good time to grap a cup of tea/coffee-

On 1/1/2006, I got an sms from a random number, It was an invitation to a Milka*. It was from the groom, he mentioned his name -example Yusif- and said that he would be happy to see me at his milka! I was like "who is this guy!?" I couldnt remember him at all, but then i remembered oh! Yusif he must be that guy back from college, yes yes; it must be him! I saw him a year or 2 back and he did take my number. Oh! Mashallah he is getting married, wonderful. I must attend, inshallah!

Days went by, the big day came... I was there by prayer time -The milka is after the prayer-, everyone started to find a place to sit. I looked around hoping to see at least one of the other colleagues, but none so far. Then suddenly I saw this dude sitting near by; he looked familiar, oh! Yes he is my brothers friend! The place beside him was vacant so i moved ahead and sat beside him. I greeted him and he actually remembered me -Me as the brother of his friend-, then I asked him how does he know Yusif?? He said that they studied together. I was smiling, but then I stopped. Now Yusif was studying with me? How could be be studying with him?? Especially that Yusif is my age not elder! I asked him more and told him about my doubts. But he really knew who he was talking about. Then it stroke me! Perhaps this Yusif isnt who i think it is!

*A dramatic moment of silence*

Ok! So now I am in doubt! Who is this Yusif? I asked the dude more about Yusif and everything he told me didnt match who I thought he was. I thought, perhaps the dude continue his studies with this guy and did all the things this guy is saying. Let me wait and see.

Waiting and waiting, finally the groom arrived. He enters. Now seriously who on earth is this guy! He wasnt the Yusif I knew! But wait a minute. He looks familiar!! Yusif sat in his place I kept trying to remember where I remember that face from, then it clicked, Maybe he is that dude back from school! Now wasnt he my brothers' friend! He used to be in the same bus as ours, that is how I can remember, especially that he had a famous nickname as well.

I was totally puzzled, still not sure though if he was or wasnt my brothers' friend. The Imam started the milka and everything went smoothly. But my mind was going on and on of why I got that sms! Perhaps it was meant to be sent to my brother and the dude found the wrong number!? Either way, I am out of here. They started distributing the 7alwa* and Qahwa*, I felt it was just wrong to eat/drink when I am obviously wrongly invited. Besides my legs were getting really numb. I told the dude beside me, I am out of here. He tried to ask me to stay and saying it would be nice to share Yusifs' happiness. I told him something like "I am truely happy for him, but staying here just feels wrong now that I know i wasnt invited!".

The awkward part now is how to leave, I never saw anyone leave from a Milka before! But then I thought I really don't know anyone here, so who cares! And stood and just walked away, laughing at myself inside...

Just to add, once I got back home, I asked my brother about the guy and he confirmed that he does know him! So now it all makes sense, the wrong sms to the wrong guy... a familiar face with a familiar name... but in the end had nothing to do with me.


Milka: The ceremony, which takes place usually in the mosque -as in this case- all men attendies and it conducts the islamic marriage bond.

7alwa: The Omani 7alwa is some type of sweet dish, that is served for different occasions.

Qahwa: Coffee, -in this case- the Omani coffee.