Saturday, September 12, 2009

Social Media in GCC - Study

This is a simple yet interesting survey about the region, it targeting to identify the level of participation in the region in social media on the internet.

The survey: Link (takes about 1 minutes)

I am looking forward to the analysis and report expect from this survey.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Procrastination Syndrome - Episode 02

It all comes down to the basics. 

What is the trigger? 
How is it triggered? 
When is it least and mostly triggered?

Answering those questions, can lead to the actual reason why procrastination happens.

The journey is quite interesting. And to actually make it successful, that would be the best outcome.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Procrastination Syndrome - Episode 01

Usually I tend to write my thoughts, with minimal reliance to quote or highlighting of other sources, however knowing, and observing how common procrasination has become; I just couldn't resist doing yet, another research about the topic and find out more information about it.

It's actually getting quite boring... procrastination that is, with at least over a decade of experience in the field I can finally say those words...

Perhaps its the dawn of a new era into the industrious era, where things happen there, when and how it's planned to happen.

So far industrious is the only reaonsable word, I have found that could be consider as an antonym to procrastination. Therefore, it's the definition to be instead...

After going through most of the readings below, I will be using this blog as one mean of commitment to keep updated on how closer I am in becoming an industerious person...

I might share my plans, activities and even success or failure stories...

Yet another experiemental post...

Nevertheless, what are your thoughts on the topic? Are you one of us? If yes, what are you doing about it? If no, what are you doing differently?

Quotes and meanings:

"The procrastinator is...someone who knows what (s)he wants to do, in some sense can do it, is trying to do it-yet doesn't do it."(Alston 1977 as cited by Silver & Sabini 1981)

It means in latin "forward to tomorrow".

Procrastinate: To put off till another day or time; defer; delay.
Industrious: working energetically and devotedly; hard-working; diligent:an industrious person.


Interesting readings:
- Procrastination: Habit or Disorder? : A study by a student, quite insightful.

- The Procrastination Syndrome: Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment : An article from a professional prospective, yet again very interesting and insightful.

- Etiology - The causes of procrastination : A theortical article that is worth reading.

- Procrastination can become a harmful disorder : An article by a pediatrician, which highlights how it can be a learnt habit from childhood.

- A formula for procrastination : (Utility = E x V / (Gamma) x D), now this was an interesting finding, a mathimatical forumla about procrastination! Another interesting read.

- Procrastination : A handout targetting students, which outlines, describes and suggests. Nevertheless, anyone can relate to it.

- The Tomorrow Trap: Unlocking the Secrets of the Procrastination-Protection Syndrome : A book that speaks to you practically and can easily be related to. I yet plan to read it, once I can get a hold of it.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Do You Feel Alive?

Would the feeling of being alive be associated by the accomplishments we make, the social circles we surround ourseleves with, the amount of work we have to perform everday either work, study or personal.

I wonder...

I would go with both the sense of accomplishment and the social circle based on how often we mingle with people socially.

On the other hand, there is a whole aspect that can be used for this discussion; the spirituality aspect. This would include the religious affect we might get by performing any religious oriented action (Example; prayer).

However, back to spirituality; is having the feeling of being alive enough to know we are alive? how do you measure your status of being alive...

personally, I sense I am more of a full-time zombie / part-time alive. 

It's quite relaxing at the time being...