Monday, December 20, 2010

New year, old year, some year

Few days to go to the 2011, yet 2010 is leaving us filled with many exciting happenings. Usually at this point it is the time of the year to review what you have done in comparison to what you have planned to do and again usually achieving 25% of that list would make you static that you actually did something about it.

Now the new list carries the left over or perhaps after review they get demonished and cancelled off completely.

One year is just a short time to plan anything properly anything significant at least. I would always think of three years as a good duration for any solid plan. Ideally reviewed very year and followed up every quarter.

All that sounds so cooperate, yet again aren't we living based on the cooperation of life? Our life.

The whole concept of being systematic and structural of your life verses living care free with no planning has been going on for a while now and shall continue until a never end. Ultimately, it falls back on each individuals personality and what is best fit for them to progress with their lives..

So a new year to come, an old one passing through... so exciting...