Saturday, October 07, 2006

What is a Dream?

Is it the passionate desire we have towards a goal we want to reach? Or is it an object of desire we run towards even though we know that we are far from touching it, perhaps it could be both.

What makes our choice of dreams though? Is it our childhood? Back in the days, where we were amused by the thoughts towards a great achievement. Or was it in the teenage years, when life starts to shape up and we begin to realize where our head and feet go?

Dream, a powerful word if utilized right. But how to utilize it right? Is it something we learn from a manual? From others? Or just something we grow to learn and there is never an ending to it.

Lots of people give up, forget, drop or dismiss their dreams with time. So what is the real motive behind keeping it going? It's definitely different from one dream to another. But eventually it falls into one reason. Would that reason be hope? Or could it be determination? The latter sounds more logical.

Dreams... a word that I value ... a word that affects me ... does everyone have a word that affects them... I wonder... but that is another question...