Friday, December 30, 2005

Black or White and the shadow of Gray

Yes or No and the space of Maybe... Thought of this last week; I had a thought and can't quite find it now. It was lingering to a point that I created this post to remember it, but obviously that didnt work. Anyway, will attempt to resurrect any thoughts I can about it now.

Could there be a define answer to any question. Is there a Yes or No to any question. Did you every get in a situation that an absolute answer couldn't fit well, instead you had to refer to an answer in between?

To answer myself, definitely there has been many occasions. Is it the question that defines the answer or the question maker? Some can ask for either a yes or no answer, but what is the true reason for such a 50/50 question? Could it be predetermination to manipulate with the consequences of the answer, which every it was?

How often does Maybe fit in? Is it a way to avoid an absolute answer or just a technique used to avoid elaboration to an answer that doesn't want to be mentioned.

What defines the Gray area between the White and Black? Would it be the darkness or the light that doesnt fall on the reply.

A point, not everything could have an absolute answer. Not everyone can provide one. It could not be expected if we lacked knowledge, but it would be if we did.

What could fall under absolute? Faith?? I believe so... but again that will depend on how strong it is. Then how to measure it?? It might be not measureable. Or we do not obtain the knowledge enough to be aware of how it could be done. So in the end Maybe, we will someday...

Possibilities and Opportunities...

About almost every possibility is an opportunity. And every opportunity is a possibility. The typical for example: 1 + 2 = 3 or 2 + 1 = 3...

What is the catch? Perhaps it is back to the will to take a chance. Have a firm grip on the opportunity in hand; not let go of a successful possibility if the opportunity is well used.

Each day has 24 hours; if we set each hour as a milestone then it can be translated to 24 Opportunities. Each would have an unknown amount of possibilities. Possibilities to do what?

Possibilities to accomplish a task, advance or understand it. How often do we regret letting go of an opportunity, how often do we feel bad for not even checking the possibilities?

Might not even be regret; it wasn't in our hands to be lost. Perhaps we didnt even reach out to it. which is the true regret; the result from failure or from missing out an opportunity?

I believe the latter carries more weight.

What am I trying to say? Perhaps that we take lightly the Opportunities that crosses us everyday and with time possibilities keep decreasing. But again, everyday has a new set of Opportunities and possibilities.

So now what? To give it a little deeper thought. I believe that each opportunity is unique and that also each possibility is unique cause each can shape your path of life based on the choices you make.