Friday, September 02, 2005

Allured 1st Created TaG

1- I started blogging in: 19th August 2005

2- My blog is: A personal web space.

3- I blog because: It could get interesting.

4- I would like to change in my blog: More like add something more to it, still not settled on what exactly.

5- I would like to add to my blog: Thats the part which am not sure about yet.

6- Blogs that are saved in my faviourte list: More then one...

7- Blogs that I often comment in: I still comment randomly.

8- When I get a comment in my blog I: Think...

9- The only thing to discourage me from commenting in other blogs is: If my comment was senseless or repeating another.

10- Blogs that have links to my blog are: As far as I know only Nabhan does.

11- Blogs that I have links to: None yet.

12- I think the only thing that will stop me from blogging would be: Anything.

13- My blog is the 1st thing I check when I go online: No

14- I am addicted to blogging: No

15- I allow anonymous comments: No

16- My blog gives a clear idea of who I am: No