Sunday, August 28, 2005

Thoughts To Understand

A natural trend, which instinctly can take over out thoughts and make them go in a specific direction. We read. What do we read, we read what is in our thoughts in the way we look at it. Our own prospective of what we read, instead of the what the writer intended.

Is that wrong? I wouldnt say it is. Each has his/her own prospective of view and way of expressing their understanding of others thoughts.

Is it the writers' fault? The writer could take some blame for it, but not entirely. Thats why there is a difference between excellent writers and good writers. The difference of clarity in their choice of words.

Sometimes I would be reading something, then I would relate it to my own knowledge and experience. And if I had to comment about it. I would comment based on my own view, despite the direction the writer has intended. Other times, I would detach myself from my own knowledge or experiences and embrace the writers own. An attempt to understand the words, the meanings behind them.

When and how to distinguish the difference.. Is a question always gets determined with time...

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Will Of Choice

Everyday something and anything crosses our path. At a certain moment, we''ll have to make a choice. Typically there will be two choices. The easy choice and the hard choice. I always believed that only the hard choice required a will to choose it. While the easy choice doesnt even require any effort or second thoughts.

With time my prospective started to change, which ever choice we make it is a choice we make with our will. There is no doubt about it. The only difference is our mind set at the moment and why we choose something over the other.

Sometimes forcing ourselves to take the hard choice can have a firing back effect. Though typically it would be the right choice. So I'd think that technically, the will of choice is determined by the goals you are aiming for, how far they go. What lies beyond them and also the side effects that can be caused from making that choice. And cant forget any sort of external pressure, assumptions or predictions that can alter an indivisuals personal thought...

Friday, August 19, 2005

The Actual Beginning...

What is it to Blog? Read from many different blogs, when they question themselves on why they blog. Or when they reach a dead end. And consider quiting the whole blogging habit of theirs. When blogs started to get popular for some reason, I refined from joining the ride. Had to see what it's about before hand.

I have a rough idea of what am expecting from this and what to bring out in it. Will be adding a corner (another blog) that can keep track of my writings (Stories, -so called- poems). And in this blog, will just share out some random thoughts or even specific ones, which will be determined by many different factors of thought.

3... 2... 1...