Sunday, June 08, 2008

Indefinite Change

Life changing experience, Life trial, shocking event all these can be life experiences that can change your prospective, vision or style in which you live your life. They can make you become better or worse in a personal term.

The above usually comes unexpected or somehow out of your control and what you go through is your reactional change.

An alternative self-change method would be by reading, attending and practising of of these self-improvement or self-development type of training. Many go through it aiming to better themselves, on the other hand many disbelieve or dismiss of it being of any importance to them or that it can be something they want to do to themselves.

Is it a resistance to change? Is it confidence of their capabilities? hmm... I wonder...

It can be anything really, in the end I would link it to the will of wanting to change and a continues search of how to do it... or vice versa.