Monday, May 17, 2010

To increase awareness and Road Safety in Oman #1

There are probably many research papers and intensive studies put into this topic, however the question is "What can we do to increase safe driving, hence reduce accidents in Oman?".

I had a discussion today with few colleagues about it, after knowing about a recent accident that split a car into two...

One of them mentioned that pictures of accidents should be displayed as a reminder and part of the awareness campaign, well this has been happening already for few years now and it seems, either that they are not affective or the campaign should be restructured.

Either way, I doubt that looking at the pictures is good enough convince the majority, create a shock and stop people from breaking the rules and from driving recklessly.

Perhaps a potential idea that could have a great success, is for Royal Oman Police (ROP) to go public in their website and in newspapers with a list of individuals that have made any traffic offense or violation, from speeding to running traffic lights and also causing an accident.

This list should include the person's name and the violation that they made.

Now the logistics behind getting this into reality won't be a walk in the park, yet I believe that engaging the public and exposing those violators (which I could be one of them as well), would be able to at increase awareness and drive people to avoid getting violated!

Of course proper regulations have to be in place to govern this list and how names get added to it or get exempted from getting listed.

On another note, does the Omani law prevent listing names publicly in such capacity? Perhaps that will require some investigation to clarify...

I like this topic, will probably post again with another potential idea...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

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Alright, that isn't too bad is it now...

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Interesting, so as they say, I act my own age...

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hmm, I thought I would score higher!

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hmm, interesting yet why would they call it a talent?

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Which Android Mobile...

I am highly considering to go for one of the new mobiles that run an Android OS. So far these are the options:




Or forget about Android and go for iPhone 3G S

... Will be going through further analysis in the coming days to months to make my final call.