Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Dimension of Time

We have the preception of time. How far do we understand it? How many tried to decode it. Is it really as simple as it is; in the sense time is time. 1 moment at a time. Or is there a more complex concept about it.

Can time be rewinded or forwarded? Is it a dimension that can be manipulated? Did Einstein hit a spot with his time theories or they are merely an illusion?

I have no idea. Nor have a fixed opinion about it. Though I really do find time being another dimension quite an intriguing fact. If we can make an object and decide its' length, width and height then logically we can control in a way the time factor that is related to it.

Perhaps we already do. A tuna can, all 4 dimensions are set for it. And it has an expiry date. Well the tuna inside of it does, so this wouldnt be the right example.

But again is time really a dimension? ....